The Penthouse at Sunset Royale Just Got Better March 04, 2010

I learned early in life that the 3 key tips to a successful business were location, location, location. This statement is almost not arguable, but a second tip and one that guarantees continued future success is, “Always listen to your customer.” I have followed this second tip religiously in every business I have ever been involved in including running our vacation rental condo the Penthouse at Sunset Royale. Many of the changes in our condo and the operation of our vacation rental have come about because of input from our rental guests. Not one of the rental guest suggestions has ever not proved to be a great idea and today we have added another.

This suggestion actually started with Giuglia in June of 2009 after her two-week stay at the penthouse and was repeated to us by others renters since. Giuglia’s suggestion was that it would have been nice to have a computer in the condo to go along with the broadband wireless internet that we provide because of the request of another vacationer from a few years back. I told Giuglia that I would follow up with this and over the course of the year discussed with others this suggested addition. This survey included vacationers who had brought their computer along and those who had decided not to or did not have a laptop or webbook to bring and, of course, Nann. To a person they all felt this would be a real benefit and surprisingly those who had brought their own laptop were the most positive on having this feature available in the condo.

Giuglia was right and this had to happen, but it is not as easy as just going out and purchasing a computer. During the survey I learned that for the most part those computer savvy vacationers who brought their computers or would have liked to have a computer available while staying at the penthouse, basically wanted to surf the net, check their email, send emails and source local information. One of the most mentioned websites that the vacationers wanted access to was This is where they were able to source much information before or after they booked their dates for the penthouse and now they were here without a computer to access the website. Sunset Royale’s office does have a computer for rental guests to use while staying at Sunset Royale, but the office hours are limited and not generally maintained so reliability of access is a problem. I on the other hand had concerns about not wanting to become the official computer technician for all issues regarding the computer’s hardware or software.

I also learned that many of our rental guests would have loved to have a computer, but were limited in their computer skills and were not sure they would benefit from a computer. Others had light usage experience and relied on others to help them find their way on operating the computer. Few if any had any interest in printing anything, except for boarding passes and none had any interest in saving a file onto the computer. In my previous life of running an electronic security company I had learned the importance of the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid!

In 2009 I read an article about a new computer company in Boston, Massachusetts called litl. The founder and CEO John Chuang spent three years perfecting his concept of a simple webbook device that would satisfy the needs of many Internet users and bring out many more potential users. I am confident of the future success of litl, especially after I received an email from them today telling of interesting and fun new updates to litl with incredibly easy instructions on how to update our (your) litl. This email stated, “Finally, we’ve made improvements to the litl’s software based on your feedback.” I mentioned earlier how important listening to the customer is and obviously litl is of the same belief.

In the late 1800′s and early 1900′s many people would have loved to own and drive a car, but many hurdles stood in their way. Certainly the largest issues were access to a vehicle along with roads and the ability to have the benefit of KISS to operate a vehicle. Many innovations brought the vehicle to almost everyone in America and the rental car companies make it accessible pretty much wherever we go.

Not much is different when you compare this to the advent of the home computer and access to the Internet. The home computer is now ubiquitous and access to the Internet is pretty much everywhere. Now litl brings ease of use, KISS, to everyone and to condo #408 the Penthouse at Sunset Royale on Siesta Key. Click on the litl logo above and read for yourself on this incredible Internet webbook and book your reservations today to use litl while staying at our (your) beachfront condo on Siesta Key today.