One Year Later June 27, 2009

In June of 2008 Nann and I started to market and rent our Beachfront Penthouse Condo at Sunset Royale on Siesta Key through our own efforts. We had rented our condo through the Sunset Royale office and found it necessary to take over the marketing and rental of our special condo on our own and to no longer leave this up to others. We realized in making this decision we were now putting ourselves on the front line of obtaining inquiries, monitoring our advertising and meeting and greeting our guests. The maintaining and upkeep of our very special vacation rental was always our responsibility, but now everything became our responsibility. Advertising vacation rentals online becomes expensive and time consuming. If you do a good job in marketing and advertising you will receive numerous responses and making sure your vacation rental stands out from the many vacation rentals available on Siesta Key, Florida, not to mention the numerous other Florida Gulf Coast communities and other locations and cities in sunny Florida is an education in itself.

We knew that our website needed to be able to convey to all who visit it the special features and location of Penthouse condo #408 at Sunset Royale, but we knew nothing about setting up a website. The more we thought about what we liked and did not like about the various websites we visited and observed, the more we realized that we not only wanted to be very direct and to the point on the features of our vacation rental, but we also wanted to familiarize the unfamiliar with Siesta Key and Sarasota. This in our minds meant lots of pictures and much information to disperse in some fashion. We still knew nothing about setting up a website and we really needed to find out how to do this.

In researching how to set up your own website, having others set up your website for you and finding websites that were already setup with a template where you just needed to change the name and load your own information, we found we had learned an incredible amount about websites including the knowledge and understanding that we could not produce our own. There were so many obstacles and hurdles to overcome that what originally seemed like a simple task, became a chore and adventure that we spent way too much time on in our attempt to learn how to do this ourselves. Just when we were ready to resign ourselves to purchasing a template website that we knew would be mediocre at best, we discovered this Dayton web design firm and Ian Lawson who removed us from our cyberspace fog and brought much clarity on what was needed for us to have a website that would meet and exceed all of our wishes and allow us to manage the content going forward. Website design is truly for professionals. Not only to make it look good, but even more importantly to make it work well for us and for the visitors. We turned the entire project over to Ian.

The rest is now history and our Beachfront Penthouse Condo on Siesta Key is not only highly recognized by search engines on the Internet, but our rental guests constantly comment on how helpful and informative they find to be and how much fun it is to read the “Breeze” and to be able to peek into our world on Siesta Key. Nann and I have always stated how we live vicariously in the lives of our rental guests. Today when we read the comment in our guest book that was left by our departing guest we also realized how much we change and intercede into the lives of others when they happen to pass our way at Sunset Royale on Siesta Key. We are stopped by strangers who are staying at other condos at Sunset Royale who tell us they found this location by visiting our website and even though our condo was not available they were able to obtain another condo in our building and how much they love their new found get-away on Siesta Key.

It is now just over one year since our new website was published on June 16th of 2008 and through a program called Google Analytics that we found out about from our web designer Ian Lawson, we thought we would share these rather astounding numbers with you. You can see how many guests we have had stay at our condo by reading our testimonial page on our Sunset Royale website, but here are the actual numbers of website visitors along with the total number of visits and the countries and cities that have landed on In one year from June 16, 2008 through June 15, 2009 we have had 6,950 unique visitors from 2,278 cities in 70 countries from Anguilla to Vietnam visit our website a total of 9,629 times and viewed 31,066 pages. We’re impressed! Thanks to all of you.