Posted by Penthouse Paul on January 19th, 2009

Blog 101, a way of creating a dialog with those with a common interest. Sounds pretty simple, but time will tell whether the Breeze has legs or should I say velocity. From time to time we will send out information on our condo, Sunset Royale, the beach, the area or perhaps irrelevant trivia that has some level of interest for you or at least to us. The Breeze will be also be a good place to update yourself on how we are doing with storms, tourist activity or family updates. Maybe there is something lacking or in need of updating on our website, this is a great place to make mention of the item. You might just have returned from the Olympics in China and want to update us on your travels and experiences. Sharing your interest with us and the Breeze’s community might even be able to replace the news at 6 or 10 and, who knows, you just might find another world of individuals that you have something in common with. Our regular guests become extended family and we love to communicate, so using the Breeze as our communication organ also allows input and updates to all. Please stay tuned for further information and let us know how we’re doing.