Siesta Sunset Royale

It was a long pursuit with many hurdles to overcome, but on Monday July 12th Nann and I became the proud owners of this incredible beach house. Built in 1999 and operated by one-owner with a following of regular visitors until August 1, 2009 when the business was closed and the furniture and appliances were sold off, future reservations canceled and bank foreclosure proceedings began. The property had been listed for sale, but the change in the economy was instrumental in not finding a buyer. The property was listed for sale at a time when buyers were few and financing almost nonexistent. The property could not be sold for the amount that was owed in mortgages and while the foreclosure procedure progressed a short sale offer was approved by the bank. When the short sale sign was posted by the Realtor, Nann and I never questioned each other on should we buy it, but rather on how.

Siesta Sunset Royale is located across from Crescent Beach access #7 and is one-block from the tropical Village of Siesta Key. The street address is 5322 Calle de la Siesta and is next to the Charles Ringling House on Beach Rd. This convenient location gives you no reason to leave the key during your visit and makes your toughest decision each day to decide between starting your day on the beach, a short one minute walk or in the tropical Village of Siesta Key a one block walk. We have literally spent every waking hour since closing on the beach house planning our opening day of July 31, 2010 and working at obtaining all of the furniture and housewares that are required to make Siesta Sunset Royale an incredible vacation holiday rental.

The property was improved by the former owner with the addition of a pool and spa in 2000 and an expansion of the penthouse in 2002. Additionally our good friend and artist, John Stanton, has been pumping out design changes for Siesta Sunset Royale that are being implemented now and scheduled for future implementation once we have recovered from this first wave of spending. Our contractors are making a number of updates to this eleven year old beach house that will enhance what is already an incredible property with a sky deck that allows panoramic views of Crescent Beach and Siesta Key. The fourth floor efficiency penthouse with a breakfast deck, beach sun deck and alfresco dining room is a perfect getaway location for couples or singles of all ages.

Siesta Sunset Royale is a perfect addition to our Penthouse condo #408 at Sunset Royale. Our rental guests and VIP guests will now have access to the pool and spa including their own locker at the pool that can be accessed with their condo key. Nann and I have been diligent over the past 12 years in providing upgrades to our Penthouse at Sunset Royale that improved the holiday experience of our guests. We were motivated owners at Sunset Royale who were instrumental in the recent rehabilitation and updating of our building at Sunset Royale. We have been relentless in pursuing information and input from our rental guests on how we could improve our penthouse at Sunset Royale. A common question from first rental inquiries was whether or not we had a pool. We knew it was just wishful thinking that a pool would be in Sunset Royale’s future, but today Siesta Sunset Royale provides this pool and spa at our new beach house for all of our rental guests 0f the Penthouse at Sunset Royale.

The last few weeks have been quite an ordeal for Nann and I. The day after we closed on the beach house Nann underwent rotator cuff surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Additionally we have both been plagued with an unusual malady where we find ourselves waking up in the night and pouring through our closing papers to make sure we did not just dream that we did this, pinching ourselves during the day to see if we are dreaming all of this and walking around with a smile on our faces that we can’t seem to get rid of. If these symptoms do not go away in the next few years perhaps we’ll seek further help, but for the time being this is pretty nice to live with.