Nann and I consider every rental guest at our Sunset Royale penthouse condos and our Siesta Sunset Royale beach house a very special guest. The penthouses at Sunset Royale have a high number of return visitors each year and our Siesta Sunset Royale is developing the same allegiance. To us this is the ultimate compliment for our vacation rentals. In return we show our appreciation and encourage your return visits through our VIP program. Once you become a registered VIP member your entitled to reduced rates for your future stays along with other benefits such as no more refundable deposits and up to year redemption on canceled reservations. Listed below are the requirements to reach VIP status.

  • Previously rented and stayed a week at our vacation rentals
  • Left a message in our Guest Book or reviewed us online
  • Let Paul & Nann know you will return
  • Verify we have your contact information so we have you on file
  • One discount offer per reservation. The higher percentage discount will be used.
  • VIP nights stayed credits go to the guest who stays in the vacation rental.
  • Even if the guest staying is not the payee, they will receive a 1st time VIP credit for their stay. Guest will need to register with us at the time of their stay.
  • One VIP stay credit per vacation rental with no split stays.

Would it not be nice if everything in life worth achieving was as easy and rewarding as our VIP requirements, of course it would. Make your reservation today for a stay at the penthouses at Sunset Royale or our Siesta Sunset Royale beach house and you will be that much closer to becoming our VIP. (Five nights at Siesta Sunset Royale at the daily rate also qualifies)


Maximum discount is 20%

7 to 21 days  -  5%
22 to 42 days -  7.5%
43 to 63 days -  10%
64 to 84 days -  12.5%
85 to 105 days -  15%
106 to 126 days -  17.5%
over 127 days -  20%


  • Reservation security deposits are no longer required (Nann and I rely on revenue from our vacation rentals and not forfeited deposits. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible when you need to cancel a reservation).
  • Your VIP discount is applied to all published pricing.
  • Beverage of your choice will be ready and waiting your arrival when staying a week or more. Nann and I know that after your journey back to Siesta Key, you can't wait to sit on the balcony or our sky deck and sip on your drink while taking in the view of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. We want to provide you a welcome back beverage of your choice to help quench your thirst. When returning the rental agreement please let us know your preferred beverage from the choices below.
  • Beer of your choice (Regular, light or craft)
  • Red or white wine  (remember friends don't let friends drink white zin)
  • Soft drinks or bottled water
  • Kombucha