Sunset Royale and Siesta Sunset Royale are self catering vacation rental properties and our housekeeping staff is at both locations daily to maintain the property and to clean vacation rentals when a guest departs. Your departure time on our reservations indicate the time housekeeping will arrive to clean and the arrival time is our designated time to have your vacation rental ready for your arrival. Following are some guidelines to familiarize yourself with our self catering standard, which you may find different from other properties you have visited or experienced.

Your vacation rental at our properties are decorated with a Siesta Key beach theme and appointed with items that you would typically have in your home. We try hard to make sure we have provided a kitchen with utensils, cooking pots, pans and other items that will make it easy to prepare your favorite recipes along with plate, bowls, glasses, and silverware to serve the maximum number of guests allowed for each vacation rental as a minimum. Please keep in mind we are always interested in suggestions that would improve what we presently provide and don't hesitate to ask about items while staying in our vacation rentals you may require, but are not in your vacation rental. We do maintain an inventory of specialty items for our guests to use when requested.

  • Our Siesta Key vacation rentals do not provide daily housekeeping, although our housekeeping staff are on premise daily and you can arrange special housekeeping services directly from Pavla Budik president and manager of M&P Services by clicking this link on to our website. You would make payment directly to Pavla on your requested housekeeping extras. We do provide basic cleaning items in each vacation rental for guest to use while staying with us. If something more is needed, please let us know.
  • Self catering vacation rentals do not typically provide perishable product, but at our vacation rentals we do provide dish washer soap and hand soap for dishes if the dishwasher is more than you wish to deal with. We also supply paper tissues, detergent for our washing machine, coffee filters for our in kitchen coffee makers, soft soap for our sink dispensers, refuse bags for waste baskets, propane for our 6 burner Weber custom installed barbeque grill, incredible band width managment on our enterprise level WiFi throughout our properties, energy for our 85 degree heated pool and 104 degree spa, ice from ice makers in all refrigerators in all of our vacation rental kitchens plus beach chairs, beach umbrellas with sand augers, beach towels, coolers, beach toys for children to use, plus our beach carts to carry your beach "stuff" to our incredible beach. We do not supply paper products such as paper towels or toilet paper or bath soap, although you will find a starting amount of each when you arrive.
  • Your responsibilty is to use our onsite recycle receptacles to dispose of your recylable items, place all your garbage refuse in our receptacles that are picked up and removed from our vacation rentals weekly.  Early Wednesday morning is our trash and refuge pickup day at our Siesta Sunset Royale beach house. We will take the trash containers and recyclables to the street for pickup on Tuesday afternoon.  Our penthouses at Sunset Royale have trash pickup twice a week and more when required. You will find a chute at each end of the 4th floor for your garbage and trash which should always be contained in a closed trash bag we provide for you. Your reclyables will need to be taken to the recylce bins at the south end of our parking lot at the end of the car ports. Glass, recylable plastic and cans are combined in the same reclyable container that are clearly marked. Newspapers, mail, magazines and corrugated cardboard are combined in their own container. At Siesta Sunset Royale your trash and reclycbles are at the east side of our building and again clearnly marked. It is very important to always use the trash bags we provide and to make sure all trash bags are sealed type to reduce critter activity on our property. Extra trash bags are always available and keep in mind that at both locations, plastic bags go into the garbage receptacles and not the recyclables.
  • We try very hard to provide our guests with a very clean and orderly vacation rental when you arrive and during your stay. Our housekeeping personnel visit our propety daily to make sure everything is in order and to take care of any housekeeping requests in need of attention. Please do not hesitate on informing of any issues with your vacation rental or at our properties.
  • On your departure day we ask that you remove all trash and recyclables to the designated areas described above. If you have items that you will not be taking with you when you leave, but are hesitant on discarding such as food, beach and other items, please leave them in your vacation rental when departing and our housekeeping staff will make use of what they can. In your vacation rental you will find a comment card and we really appreciate it if you would take a moment to let us know how your enjoyed your stay and what we may have been able to do to improve your vacation experience at our vacation rentals on Siesta Key. 
  • Please remember that staying at our vacation rentals is much like Chicago politics, "Reserve early and reserve often!" Also beware of our loyalty VIP Plan that provides special privliges to our returning guests. The above link will take you to our VIP information page. Thank you for staying with us and we look forward to your return.