Siesta Key Beach Weddings

Planning your wedding on the beach is a very important task to complete and we start this step by step beach wedding guide by assuming you have already picked out someone to marry and spend the rest of your life with. The cool white powder sugar sand of Siesta Key Beach and the tropical blue water of the Gulf of Mexico will highlight this very special day. Planning your wedding day is the second hardest task in this process of getting married. The hardest and most challenging task comes later. So let's get started and see what steps you need to complete.

  • Choose your wedding date and decide what time of day you would like to have the ceremony take place. If you would like your wedding to take place as sunset you will need to check this Siesta Key Sunset time chart to coordinate the time of the wedding with the time of the sunset on that day. If you have any inside track with mother nature you might give a strong hint to her about not scheduling any clouds or rain on that day. There are no guarantees in life, but generally the sky is blue and weather dry on Siesta Key. If it does rain it is usually a brief shower that can have significant rainfall in a very short time followed by more sun and blue sky.
  • Now that you have chosen the day and time you will want to contact the Sarasota Parks and recreation and register your wedding time and place on the beach. You may also want to reserve the pavilion or gazebo for the reception at the park. This would also give you some cover in the event of some rain. The designated location for the wedding ceremony is the north beach. The setting is wonderful, you are away from the life guard stations and foot traffic on or to the beach shore. After the ceremony you will be able to walk down to the shore and have photographs taken on the shore line and again away from most of the beach goers.
  • Wow! You're moving right along and your next step is to contact Sarasota Parks and Recreation to reserve your area on the beach and register your wedding ceremony. This link is the website to view Siesta Key beach wedding locations at the park. You will want to reserve a 10,000 square foot area on the north beach for your wedding ceremony.
    • This map will give you a good understanding of the 2015 new beach layout and is a work in progress at this time.
    • You can call Siesta Key Beach at 941-861-7275. The previous method of arranging your reservation by Internet appears to have been removed.
    • If you are interested in holding an outdoor reception on Siesta Key Beach, this also can be arranged on this site. Siesta Key Public Beach has two covered pavilion with electric power that can accommodate up to 70 people each a number of smaller pavillions that accommodate 20 people plus a gazebo that can accommodate up to 40 people. 
    • It's now time to register your wedding and/or reception on Siesta Key Beach. You will want to call Sarasota County Parks and Recreation. Their phone number is 941-861-7275 and they will review with you all of requirement and rules of having your wedding ceremony on Siesta Key Beach and using the pavilion or gazebo for your reception. There is a $54.00 charge per hour from the county and they require a 2 hour minimum time reservation if you are using chairs on the beach because of the set up and take down time that is required. They take cash, checks, Visa or Master Charge. The charge to rent either the pavilion or the gazebo is $150.00 plus tax for 4 hours.
  • Now that you have taken care of the reservation of your wedding on the beach and perhaps your reception area you now need to arrange to have somebody marry you. You will need to apply for a Florida Marriage license. Sarasota County Clerk's office has detailed information on this link that will guide you through the procedure you will need to follow in order to obtain this license which needs to be applied for within 60 days of issuance. The fee for the license is $93.50 and can be used in any Florida county.
  • Now you need to arrange for a minister, priest, rabbi, judge or even a notary public to perform the ceremony. You also need to decide if this is a stand up wedding or will you rent chairs, wedding arbor, hire a musician, photographer, caterer or a number of other individual choices that you might want to have at your wedding. You could do all of this yourselves or you can contact one of the many companies that actually arrange all of this for you. We do not recommend any specific company, but have gathered the names and websites of five wedding planners who regularly arrange beach weddings on Siesta Key and will leave the rest of the research to you on which one you might want to use.
  • Donna Tortorice from Beautiful Beach Weddings has been guiding brides with valuable beach wedding advice and planning unforgettable beach weddings and special events for over 25 years. Donna finds the white powdered sugar sand on Siesta Key to be the most incredible beach sand she has experienced. She finds the location of the Penthouse at Sunset Royale to be a unique location with the large open balcony overlooking the designated location for weddings on Siesta Key Public Beach and would feel privileged to plan your wedding on Siesta Key or other locations on Florida's West Coast.
  • Kathy and Lisa of Sand Petal Weddings are a little different from the other wedding planners that are mentioned on this page. There company specializes in Beach Wedding decor along with other services. If you feel that you really do want to be hands on in planning your wedding, but need a source for many of the items that are required for this special day, then Sand Petal Weddings is the source you are looking for and use this link to obtain all of your needs for Siesta Key beach wedding.
  • Stacy Prouty is a non-denominational minister and Diane Thomas is a notary public who provide wedding services through their services called Say "I DO" Ceremonies. This is a mother and daughter team who have been performing beach weddings on Siesta Key Beach for seventeen years. Use this Siesta Key Beach wedding link to access their website for further information.
  • Marc Davis of Seashell Weddings performs many beach weddings each month on Siesta Key. Marc owns a full service beach wedding company and you contact Marc for your Siesta Key Beach wedding though this link.
  • Sigrid, Tina and Christina Gebel have founded Sunweddings over ten years ago and they background is deeply embedded in Sarasota History. The Gebel's specialty of wedding planning and coordinating is well known for their professionalism. This family bills themselves as the "dynamic trio" and were recently named as the Dream Team by a very satisfied couple. With over 60 combined years in show business you can expect a show that will play well on Siesta Key Beach and can be contacted from this link.
  • Susan Quarmby of Weddings by Susan states that beach weddings are her passion and Siesta Key Beach is her favorite and most recommended location. Susan's expertise is writing custom vows and will officiate your ceremony on this special day. Susan averages over 100 weddings per year and the majority are on Siesta Key Beach. Use this Siesta Key Beach Wedding service link to access her website.

Your almost to the end of your pre-planning. One of the wedding planners made mention to me that it is sometime to an effort to get parking space at the beach. Beach parking is free, but on some weekends the Siesta Key Beach parking lot does fill up. There is parking on the street in front of the area where you have reserved space for your wedding ceremony, but this too can fill up quickly on a weekend. You will need a location to spend your honeymoon evening and perhaps others in your wedding party require accommodations and would like to turn your wedding into a beach vacation for themselves. Nann and I highly recommend that you consider reserving our one-bedroom penthouse condo for your honeymoon. With the open balcony you will be able to enjoy overlooking the site where your wedding took place while you enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a beverage of your choice and savor the memories while you plan your futures. Additionally there are other one and two bedroom condos in our building at Sunset Royale that friends and relatives may wish to reserve for their own beach vacation while visiting Siesta Key.

For those that like the idea of spending their honeymoon on Siesta Key with the incredible views that our special condo at the beach provides, but still looking for a different venue for the wedding, we have a couple of thought for you. How about holding your wedding ceremony in a world class Saraota botanical garden known for their orchids and and beautiful location on Sarasota Bay. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is very close to your honeymoon condo on Siesta Key and they provide everything you will need for a beautiful an memorable wedding and reception. They can also provide catering or you can arrange your own. Another intriguing wedding location and about one hour from the beach is the Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallion Ranch where you can arrange to hold your wedding at the Royal Lipizzan Stallion Ranch. Royal Lipizzan Stallion wedding and Sunset Royale Beachfront Penthouse honeymoon, it doesn't get much better!

One last item. I mentioned at the beginning of this page that I would tell you about the hardest task for your wedding, it's the marriage commitment of "for better or worse". These are not just words, but a vow that you both make to spend the rest of your life realizing that this beautiful day is the first day of your married life and the first day of give and take, happiness and sorrow that you and your partner must work very hard to always reflect on this day being the beginning of the best time of your lives. Every year on Valentines Day, February 14, Sarasota Country holds "Say I DO Again" on Siesta Key Beach. If you can't be there, always remember this very special wedding day on Valentines Day and let your partner know how wonderful the wedding day was. Nann and I would like to encourage you to plan on returning to Siesta Key throughout your marriage. This really is a magical tropical island and you both experienced a memorable wedding day on this incredible beach.