Getting to Paradise

Airports included in this display are Sarasota SRQ, Tampa TPA, Ft. Myers RSW, St Petersburg PIE and Orlando Sanford SFB. These 5 airports are the most used airports for our guests who are flying to Florida to arrive at Siesta Key. The Sarasota Airport is by far the most efficient and easiest airport to use when coming to your condo at Sunset Royale. On our Penthouse at Sunset Royale home page you will find an Airfare update for only Sarasota Airport. For those guests who can use this airport you are only 20 minutes from your condo and the beach. No matter which airport you use we believe you will find this cheap fare service a great way to plan your next trip to Siesta Key. Check our availability calendar for the penthouse, click this link to book your reservations for the condo and book your flight with the information from Airfare Watchdog. See you soon!
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Driving and flying are both good choices for your trip to Siesta Key. Once you have arrived your transportation needs can be greatly reduced and even eliminated. Many of our guests arrive by cab from Sarasota/Bradenton airport. They make a short detour on the way to the condo to pickup provisions from Publix Super Market and arrive fortified for their stay. Beach people are about the beach and shopping, restaurants, cafes and entertainment are an unwanted distraction for this unique group of sun and beach lovers.

Most of our guests are about the beach, of course, but also the area and experience of having explored Sarasota. We will attempt to make your research on how to get here to be as easy as reading this page. You will find detailed information on how to drive directly to your private covered parking space at Sunset Royale including instructions on how to obtain your groceries and needs before arriving to unloading your vehicle and efficiently moving your possessions from your car to your condo.

Driving Directions to Condo #408 at Sunset Royale & Siesta Sunset Royale beach house

Whether arriving by car from Detroit, Indianapolis, Syracuse or by plane in Miami, Ft. Myers, Orlando or Tampa, these end of trip directions will serve you very well. Siesta Key is less than 10 miles from Interstate 75. There are 4 Sarasota Exits from the freeway and exit 205, Clark Road, will bring you to your condo. Before we give you the final lap detail we would like you to prepare for these last few miles before you leave on your journey to Siesta Key. Your condo is well appointed with towels, linens, kitchen utensils and the creature comforts one would expect to find in a luxury condo, but it is self catering and you may not want to eat every meal have every beverage in a restaurant or cafe. Groceries, beverages soap and paper supplies are items that you will need to purchase once you have arrived to Siesta Key. The Village of Siesta Key has a market, but we think your initial purchases may be better spent by shopping at a Publix Super Market, which is the most popular super market chain in Florida.
Now Nann and I are not cruel and we do make sure that sufficient bathroom tissue, hand soap and paper towels are on hand for your arrival. You will typically find that you have sufficient dishwasher and washer soap for stays up to one week, but your arrival day is the perfect day to pick up your your grocery, beverage and paper good needs. If you follow our suggestions you will find this to be a rather efficient easy method with just a little pre-planning on your part. Consider the following;

  • Every Saturday morning from 7:00 AM until Noon Sarasota has a long running and popular farmers market with locally grown fruits and produce along with fresh bakery breads, fresh caught fish and shrimp, cut flowers and plants, unique items from local stores and craft people.
  • If you arrive on Saturday and the Sarasota Farmers Market can't work for you, Siesta Key has just announced we will have our own farmers market on Sunday Mornings in the village. This will be produce and fruit and the theme is organic.
  • Each week Publix Markets publish an ad section in the local papers with many special savings, buy one get one free and new products being introduced in their stores. By clicking on the stores link you can shop online, pick your specials add your standard items click to add them to your shopping cart and then print your shopping list and bring it with you on vacation so your purchases can be quickly loaded in your basket, purchased and available to you on your first day "or evening" of vacation.
  • Want to kick it up a notch? Morton's Market and Whole Foods Market provide wonderful gourmet prepared food and ingredient, organic produce, fruits along with grocery and special items that would make Emeril smile. In another area of this website you will find unique food components at the local farmer markets for gourmet dishes that will last for years in your memory. In case you have not picked up on this already, we're foodies and believe in some basic tenants that guide our lives. When we are on vacation, #1 is no hassle, #2 is location and #3 is indulgence in food and drink. You can go ahead and add #4, 5 & 6, but leave the first three to us. We know we are not going to let you get hassled here, we own this outstanding location and we are giving you all of the information you need to know on eating and drinking whether you choose to do it yourself, dine or cater.

Interstate 75 (I-75) will be your freeway and access to arrive at Siesta Key. Whether you are coming from the north or the south you will want to take exit #205, Clark Rd. to leave the freeway and head west to Siesta Key. After crossing Swift Road, Clark Road will change in name to Stickney Point Road just continue west to highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) and continue west. (Don't forget this is your last Publix Super Market before the key on your left and before highway 41.) You will cross highway 41 and then cross the Inter coastal bridge (South Bridge) to Siesta Key. When the road ends turn right onto Midnight Pass where you will come to a traffic light and Midnight Pass will turn to the right. You will go straight through the light, which will now put you on Beach Rd. The Siesta Key Public Beach entrance will be on your left, pass this and you will come to Sunset Royale at 711 Beach Rd. on your right. If your reservations are for an apartment at Siesta Sunset Royale you will continue straight for 3 more blocks and turn right on Calle de la Siesta and left into the front parking area. Turn right on Avenida Del Mare and right again into the Sunset Royale parking lot. Park your car in one of the permit only parking locations that are close to the building where you can unload your vehicle. You will find basket carts in the laundry room next to the elevator, which is right behind the center steps to the upper floors of the building. Take your basket cart to the 4th floor and your condo is immediately to your right. After you unload and take the basket back to the first floor laundry room you can move your car to your covered parking which is the fifth parking space diagonally opposite from the parking lot entrance you drove into. Condo #408 will be displayed above the carport and on the curb bumper at the front of the carport. You are here, unpacked and now it's time to have a return to your condo, have a beverage and enjoy the view and relax, you're on vacation. Welcome to the Penthouse at Sunset Royale.

Tampa Airport (TPA) Tampa International Airport is probably the most popular airport that our guests use to arrive at Siesta Key. Once you have your vehicle the actual drive time should be about one hour maybe a little more. When exiting Tampa Airport follow you will merge onto N Memorial Highway/SR60 E via the ramp to downtown/I-275. Take the exit onto I-275 S toward St Petersburg for 37.8 miles This is a partial toll road and you will pay an attendant at the sunshine bridge $1.00, there will be no further tolls. Make sure you follow the freeway signs south to I-75 S 23.4 miles toward Naples and then exit 205, Clark Rd/SR72 W. Directions to condo above will guide you the rest of the way to the condo.

Sarasota/Bradenton Airport (SRQ) The Sarasota Bradenton Airport is by far the most convenient, least hassle and closest of all of the airport options you have on getting to Siesta Key. When you can avail yourself to landing here you will be pleased with the airport and the quick access to Siesta Key. This is the only airport directions where we will not refer you to the driving directions to the condo above. It is still important to consider your grocery shopping list before you leave and we will identify a Publix Market along this route you may wish to consider before arriving at the condo. When leaving the Sarasota Airport turn right to head west on University Parkway and move over to the far left lane when convenient. University Parkway will end at Tamiami Trail/US-41, turn left. If you had gone straight on University Parkway you would be at the Ringling Museum. Continue south about 6 miles to Siesta Drive and turn right, UNLESS you want to shop at Publix Market first in which case you will continue to the next light and turn right on Bay Road and go one block and turn right into the Publix Market parking lot. When you leave the market you can do so by driveway to your right as you walk out of Publix, turn right on what is now Osprey and turn left at light which is Siesta Drive. You are now on Siesta Drive heading to the Inter coastal bridge (North Bridge) that takes you to Siesta Key no matter if you shopped or turned right originally on Siesta Drive. When you arrive at the traffic light at Midnight pass you can turn left to the end and turn right on Beach Rd to 711 Beach and turn right on Avenida Del Mare and right again into the parking lot of Sunset Royale. (Option at the traffic light where you turned left to go onto Midnight Pass would be to go straight and turn Right at Ocean Drive and drive through Siesta Key Village. Ocean ends at Beach Rd. where you would turn left and continue to Avenida Del Mare and turn left and then right into the parking lot behind Sunset Royale. About the same distance either way.)

St Petersburg/Clearwater Airport (PIE) is just north of St. Petersburg and close to interstate 75. When leaving the airport follow the exit to Roosevelt and turn left. Continue to Interstate 275 south and follow this over the Sky-way toll bridge to south Interstate 75. Take exit 205, turn left and continue to Siesta Key based on instructions from Interstate 75 above.

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is also referred to as Ft Myers Airport although is not exactly accurate. This is a very convenient airport when flying to Florida with a Siesta Key destination. You will avoid any Tampa/St Pete traffic and you only add about 15 minutes to your travel time. When leaving the airport follow Treeline Avenue to Daniel Parkway and turn left to Interstate 75 North. Take exit 205 to Siesta Key and turn right onto Clark Rd. Follow the direction above from Interstate 75 to the condo.

Orlando Airport (MCO) is in the heart of Orlando and is the airport of choice for those who are going to Disney World. After gathering your luggage and obtaining your car and Head south on Airport Blvd 1.2 miles. Take the ramp to S exit/SR-417-TOLL Merge onto S Access Rd 1.5 miles. Slight left to stay on S Access Rd 1.8 miles. Slight left at Boggy Creek Rd 0.6mi & Merge onto Central Florida Greeneway/SR-417 S via the ramp to Tampa/Disney World Partial toll road 16.1miles Take the exit toward I-4 W Partial toll road 2 miles Follow signs for Tampa/I-4 W and merge onto I-4 W 52.5miles.Take exit 9 to merge onto I-75 S toward Naples 56.5miles and follow the instructions from Interstate 75 above. You are about 35 minutes from your condo on Siesta Key.

Sanford Airport (SFB) is a very popular airport in the North Orlando area for International travelers. Head north on Red Cleveland Blvd0.7 miles. Slight right to stay on Red Cleveland Blvd (signs for Theme Parks & Attractions/I-4/Orlando/SR-417-TOLL/Airport exit)0.1miles. Turn right at E Airport Blvd 2.2miles. Turn left to merge onto Central Florida Greeneway/SR-417 S Partial toll road 16.0 miles. Take exit 33B on the left for SR-408-TOLL W toward Orlando Toll road 1.6miles. Merge onto East-West Expy/SR-408 W Toll road 6.3miles. Take exit 10A to merge onto I-4 W toward Tampa73.9 miles. Take exit 9 to merge onto I-75 S toward Naples and from here follow the Interstate 75 instructions above.

Miami Airport (MIA) is another large airport for travelers from Europe, North and South America, not to mention Mexico and Central America. Your trip to Siesta Key will be a little over 3 hours of all limited access highway driving. Head southwest 0.8miles.Take the ramp to S le Jeune/Coral Gables/SR-953 S/SR-836 W0.5 miles. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for SR-836 W and merge onto NW 12th St Dr 0.6 miles. Take the ramp onto SR-836 W 3.0miles. Take the exit onto Palmetto Expy/SR-826 N toward NW 36th St 7.7 miles.Take the exit onto I-75 N toward Naples Partial toll road 205miles.Take exit 205 for SR-72 W toward Sarasota and follow the instructions above for continuing to Siesta Key.

Amtrak to Siesta Key is probably not an inviting method of transportation to arrive to Sarasota. The closest railroad terminal is in Tampa. Sarasota does have bus service from Amtrak with a bus stop located on Main Street in Downtown Sarasota.

What does appear to be a pretty good method of transportation for some travelers from the east coast of the US is the Amtrak Auto Train. The Auto Train operates every day of the year non-stop between Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida. THIS IS ITS ONLY ROUTE. All passengers must have a car, van or motorcycle with them. Auto Train can also handle trailers, travel trailers, boat trailers with boats, and trailers that handle jet skis and motorcycles, with conditions.
Lorton is about a half-hour drive south of Washington, DC, just off I-95. Sanford is about a half-hour drive north of Orlando, a short distance from I-4. Both the Lorton and the Sanford terminals are used exclusively by the Auto Train. The Auto Train is arguably Amtrak's finest train.
Since it is a great revenue generator, Amtrak management treats the Auto Train with "kid gloves", using some of their finest train attendants and best-maintained cars. (The retiree snow birds would complain loud and clear about bad service!) The Auto Train is very popular and is often crowded, particularly during the months when the snow birds travel. It's also used by quite a few families traveling to Disney World (which is a 40 minute drive from Sanford). Many people from Pennsylvania, New York and the New England states also use the Auto Train as a way of knocking 900 miles off their time on the Interstates.

If you plan on spending some time in Florida, would like to have your car here with you especially if you could knock off 900 miles of driving and you live on the east coast you will want to check out this link to see how Amtrak can help you and your vehicle arrive to Florida and leave you a short 2 hour drive to Siesta Key. Once you decide that the Amtrak Auto Train works for you and is your method of choice on arriving to Siesta Key this link will provide the Amtrak Auto Train website to make your reservations.