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A Piece of Paradise

Posted by Paul Parr on February 22nd, 2009

Anytime an artist can capture your interest and touch you so deeply with their talent that you become mesmerized in their work, you know you have found something rare and wonderful. Recently this happened with me when I stumbled, literally, across the Ukrainian Psyho Studio and this work they produced for a Madagascar travel agency while I was exploring the social site of StumbledUpon. The slogan of the agency was “Madagascar - a piece of the world”, so Psyho literally cut the planet into pieces, each symbolizing a different kind of vacation. That’s how the “pie concept” was born. These graphic pieces were computer generated graphics and Psyho Studio provides a full spectrum of services in the field of design and web programming.

When A Piece of Paradise popped up on my screen I stopped and stared for the longest time. Not only was this a piece of paradise, but it was our piece of paradise at Sunset Royale on Siesta Key. I knew I was looking at art, but could not get over how this artist was able to capture our paradise and package it so cleverly and beautifully. When I finally became unfrozen by the image I traveled down the page and found A Piece of Paradise referred to this piece which is actually called Turtle Pie on StumbledUpon and Piece of Sea on Psyho’s site, along with other pieces of art that again depicted little areas of somewhere so well and so inviting. Although I refer to our idyllic location on Siesta Key as our “piece of paradise” inferring Nann and I, in all honesty most of the Sunset Royale condo owners have referred to their prized location at Siesta Key Beach as their, “Piece of Paradise” and the first time that I recall an owner using this term was from Jerry Rispoli an owner at Sunset Royale and educator at Syracuse University who used this reference in a year 2000 letter to Nann and I regarding condo problems and their dreams of the future in their little “piece of paradise”. I could almost feel his fear of John Milton’s Paradise Lost starting to develop in their share of paradise. Those issues of the year 2000 have disappeared and many others have come and gone since, but all of our little pieces of paradise at Sunset Royale are alive and pictured so well in this graphic. What a great image of that phrase is served up in Psyho’s art. This really is our piece of paradise served up deliciously.