Siesta Sunset Royale

Siesta Sunset Royale

Siesta Sunset Royale beach house

It was a long pursuit with many hurdles to overcome, but on Monday July 12th Nann and I became the proud owners of this incredible beach house. Built in 1999 and operated by one-owner with a following of regular visitors until August 1, 2009 when the business was closed and the  furniture and appliances were sold off, future reservations canceled and bank foreclosure proceedings began.  The property had been listed for sale, but the change in … Continue Reading

Siesta Key “Eyes Wide Open” Fish Stock

Cooking is fun and I learned a long time ago secrets that make a recipe outstanding. A chef friend in Michigan, Chris Angelosante,  onetime told me the secret to many of his dishes was basically “reduction”. The richness of the sauce not only added character to the main entree, but would also bring those sauce ingredients into the vegetable and starches that shared the plate. He knew his sauce was a favorite when the dishes were returned to the kitchen wiped clean by the bread from the basket, which was also left empty.

This tip has not only brought nice compliments … Continue Reading

Answer for Siesta Key Beach Parking Dilemma

Living or vacationing on Siesta Key right at Siesta Key Public Beach allows incredibly easy and stress free beach access. Our local paper, the Sarasota Herald Tribune, published a number of local opinions recently that were triggered by the announcement of the Sarasota County Parks & Recreation of changes and addition to  beach access #7 off of Beach road that is access to our incredible powdered white sugar sand covering our shore line of Crescent Beach and Continue Reading

Siesta Key Deep Sea and Bay Fishing

One of the things I had always meant to do when we moved to Florida, but never seemed to find time or the determination to follow through with was to spend some time fishing. As a kid in Michigan my dad used to take us kids fishing and we always caught something, from blue gills and rock bass in small inland lakes, large mouth bass and perch in larger lakes or lake trout, whitefish and walleye in the Great Lakes. When I was about 14 years old a friend took me up to Lake Nipissing in Ontario where I caught … Continue Reading

The Penthouse at Sunset Royale Just Got a “litl” Better

I learned early in life that the 3 key tips to a successful business were location, location, location. This statement is almost not arguable, but a second tip and one that guarantees continued future success is, “Always listen to your customer.”  I have followed this second tip religiously in every business I have ever been involved in including running our vacation rental condo the Penthouse at Sunset Royale. Many of the changes in our  condo and the operation of our … Continue Reading

Sunset Royale Condo For Sale

New look of Sunset Royale on Siesta Key

New look of Sunset Royale on Siesta Key

In August of 2009 I published a blog page on three owners at Sunset Royale who found it necessary to sell their piece of paradise on Siesta Key. In a very short period of time all three condos were sold and we were not surprised. Sunset Royale’s location  on Siesta Key at the public beach is truly idyllic and our recent complete rehab of our building … Continue Reading

Vacation Rental in Paradise

I have not kept up with my publishing on the Breeze and it is not because of a lack material. Like all things in life worth doing, some discipline is necessary to keep feeling the love. This past September we had two open dates for our Siesta Key vacation rental in 2009 and decided we needed to create a special that would fill our rental calendar until the end of April 2010. In December we had a total of 12 days available and thought if we offered a free day with a one-week stay we could possible entice former rental … Continue Reading

Siesta Key Opportunity

Sunset Royale from the Gulf of Mexico

Sunset Royale from the Gulf of Mexico

Living on Siesta Key is truly like living a dream. I remember as a little kid the anticipation and excitement of going on vacation. The memories of those vacations bring nothing but the thoughts of good times and fun without a care in the world. When Nann and I first moved to Siesta Key I could not get out of mind that I was not on vacation, … Continue Reading

Siesta Key Volleyball with SpikeKey

Siesta Key Competition

Siesta Key Competition

Don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed a game of volleyball. I’m talking about participating and trying to win. Pure amateur participation and I’m talking company picnics, family get together or just an occasion at the park or beach. I am now 66 years old, overweight and under exercised. Have not always been 66, but for the most part, have always been overweight. Living at Siesta Key Public Continue Reading

One Year Later

In June of 2008 Nann and I started to market and rent our Beachfront Penthouse Condo at Sunset Royale on Siesta Key through our own efforts. We had rented our condo through the Sunset Royale office and found it necessary to take over the marketing and rental of our special condo on our own and to no longer leave this up to others. We realized in making this decision we were now putting ourselves on the front line of obtaining inquiries, monitoring our advertising and … Continue Reading